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Challenge Weekly Show #81: Diet Fatigue, F.A.I.L. & Inter-Set Stretching!

September 6, 2022

Challenge Weekly Show #81: Diet Fatigue, F.A.I.L. & Inter-Set Stretching!

Welcome to the Weekly Challenge Show with Coach Steven Eskaf and Coach Nicoletta Ceppellini!

Challenge update

  • Phase 2 Check-In
  • The Power of Language

Community Highlights

  • Are you featured in our Community Highlights?

Coaches Corner

  • Coach Nic talks about fear of failure
  • Coach Steve talks about inter-set stretching

Questions from the Community

  • Hi Coaches The last 4 weeks my caloric intake has been 1787 and i have really started to struggle with side effects such as sleeplessness, fatigue, anxiety and moodiness. I know that these are expected side effects of calorie restrictions. My concern is that my caloric intake is due to drop to just over 1600 on Monday and that this is going to be way too low for me to maintain. So my question is this. Should I just stick to this path based on my starting weight and activity level? Or should I re-input my data as my current weight and activity increase to high? This will no doubt increase my caloric intake. Will this halt my progress? Which direction should I go? Thanks
  • I am feeling a bit wobbly with my food and would love some advice, please. I have been on point with my nutrition and staying within my calories (1312) but the last couple of days I feel like I need a day to eat whatever I want without counting calories, just for one day. Should I give in, do this, reset, refocus, and keep going? #caloriecounting
  • Just wondering what I’m doing wrong. I have never seem to lose weight in my inner thighs. What can I do to change this?
  • Hi Coaches, I'm wondering if the rep ranges for the unilateral exercises are per side or total reps? I've been doing per side. Thanks 

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