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Challenge Weekly Show #82: Responsibility, Gym Rituals & Slowing Down to Grow!

September 13, 2022

Challenge Weekly Show #82: Responsibility, Gym Rituals & Slowing Down to Grow!

Welcome to the Weekly Challenge Show with Coach Steven Eskaf and Coach Nicoletta Ceppellini!

Challenge update

  • October 6-Week Challenge Update
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Community Highlights

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Coaches Corner

  • Coach Nic talks about Gym Rituals
  • Coach Steve explains that "if you’re not slowing down, you’re not growing"

Questions from the Community

  • BB Deficit Deads - What is meant to be achieved by using the deficit?
  • Unsure if I should cut calories further. My goal is weight loss but to date have only lost 400 grams in 8 weeks. Training has been on point missed 4 sessions in 8 weeks. At least 10000 steps and nutrition 95% with allowing myself 2 glasses of wine Friday and Sunday. I feel much more energetic and my clothes are feeling more comfortable but with the huge change in activity and nutrition I was expecting more weight loss. Started at 87.8 kg and 1500 cal now down to 1300 should I drop it further or hang in there. I keep waiting for the whoosh but maybe I am dreaming
  • For those that have completed a challenge from home, what equipment do you recommend for a home gym?I have recently moved interstate to a beautiful (small) town & there’s no gym. Grateful for any advice. TYIA.
  • I have a hard time keeping a regular gym schedule. Should I make up my training whenever I can, or is it important to complete the workouts in a particular order?

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