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Challenge Weekly Show #83: Dopamine, Minimalist Training & Nutrition for Weight Loss!

September 20, 2022

Challenge Weekly Show #83: Dopamine, Minimalist Training & Nutrition for Weight Loss!

Welcome to the Weekly Challenge Show with Coach Steven Eskaf and Coach Nicoletta Ceppellini!

Challenge update

  • Tips for Final Photo
  • October 6-Week Challenge Update

Community Highlights

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Coaches Corner

  • Coach Nic talks about dopamine and goals
  • Coach Steve talks about minimalist training

Questions from the Community

  • Does how you perform the steps have any impact on your fat loss? For example is it better to do the steps altogether or spend over the day? I ask because i still haven't had much fat loss and trying to find out why. My steps are usually completed over my work shift and have for years
  • Hi, I’m curious to understand the breakdown of food- we have the macros and a calorie allowance, but does it matter where the calories come from excluding the nutritional benefits. Do we just aim to eat the calories ultimately? Obviously the mix benefits the nutrition value to our bodies and certainly will help fuel us better… I’m just curious and learning
  • Hi, I'm really looking forward to booking in for the 6 week program coming up! I'd really like to know what options to choose to lose weight. This challenge I've chosen rapid weight loss and advanced for the physique, 4 days per week. I'm lifting as heavy as I can each set, and to failure. Should I do the same in the next challenge?
  • Hi team, question over pre-workout. I’ve just ran out of pre workout, and curious your thoughts. Should I get more and deload after week 12 for 2 weeks or deload now - given I’ve run out?

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