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Challenge Weekly Show #85: Perfection, Expectations & Rest!

October 4, 2022

Challenge Weekly Show #85: Perfection, Expectations & Rest!

Welcome to the Weekly Challenge Show with Coach Steven Eskaf and Coach Nicoletta Ceppellini!

Challenge update

Community Highlights

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Coaches Corner

  • Coach Nic talks about how it's ok to rest
  • Coach Steve talks about expectations for busy humans

Questions from the Community

  • Are the recipes broken down into protein/energy/fruit, etc or do we have to guess
  • Hey guys, I’ve been unwell for the past week and have been unable to complete workouts and nutrition went out the window. I started at 101.5kg and was down to 90.5kg. Since falling ill I’ve gained 2.5kg. Do you think the weight increase could be fluid storage?
  • Hey coaches Just ending this challenge. I’ve put on a stack of muscle and lost 16 kgs. I’m up to maintenance and would like to continue muscle growth. My question is what training program should I do? I was doing m plus advance this challenge. Do I stick this and go back to sessions 1 and 2 or choose a different training program?
  • Do you guys take creatine pre workout and post workout? Or only pre?

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