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Challenge Weekly Show #87: Cardio, Insulin Resistance & Prep Week!

October 18, 2022

Challenge Weekly Show #87: Cardio, Insulin Resistance & Prep Week!

Welcome to the Weekly Challenge Show with Coach Steven Eskaf and Coach Nicoletta Ceppellini!

Challenge update

  • Prep Week has begun!
  • What should you be doing in prep week?
  • Coach Steve & Coach Nic offer their M6 tips

Community Highlights

  • Are you featured in our Community Highlights?

Coaches Corner

  • Coach Nic talks about the lack of cardio in the M Challenge Training programs
  • Coach Steve talks about fighting gym anxiety

Questions from the Community

  • Hi, this will be my first challenge and listening to the podcasts I know that steps are a big part of training. I enjoy walking but also love my spin bike. If I keep my heart rate in LISS (similar to walking rate) would I be able to incorporate the spin bike into my program and still get good results?
  • Hi team, excited to get going with the 6 week challenge. I am working on lowering my insulin resistance so will choose low GI carbs in my nutrition plan, will this effect any results or only increase health benefits throughout the challenge?
  • Hi, I am starting the 24 October challenge. I am planning to do all my workouts at home. Is this possible. What equipment will I need? I don’t have a home gym. Thanks
  • So I signed up for the 6 week challenge a couple of weeks ago, but I've found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant. Could you provide some advise on what to do with the challenge? Are there options to do a modified challenge that I can organise during prep week?

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